Stop carrying heavy or bulky items up and down stairs and install a Dumbwaiter. For businesses, a Workers’ Comp claim could easily exceed the cost of a Dumbwaiter. Give us your requirements – however unique they may be – and we’ll deliver an ideal design. Besides functionality, our Dumbwaiters feature solid construction and proven reliability.



Have a business that employees are constantly moving supplies upstairs? Reduce the risk of back strain, aching muscles and even accidents with a dumbwaiter.


Making multiple trips up and down the stairs just to bring your groceries to the kitchen? Make this a problem of the past with a dumbwaiter.

New or existing construction

Custom swing door to match your properties' design, or choose a commercial-grade bi-parting, slide-up or swing door.

Commercial Dumbwaiter

Hoistway Door
Bi-Parting, Slide-Up or Swing Door: Available in Stainless Steel and Primed Carbon Steel

Machine Access Door
Available in Stainless Steel or Primed Carbon Steel

Bi-Parting or Slide-Up Gate Available in Stainless Steel and Primed Carbon Steel

Control Options
Above control station only available with bi-parting and slide-up doors.

Safety Option 
Car cam and roller position shut-off switch meets all industry codes as a dumbwaiter door safety interlock.
Safety Option 
Key lock and door open shut-off switch meet all industry codes for a machine room access door interlock.

Residential Dumbwaiter

Collapsible Gate Options

Call Button Finishes